Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Forgotten Map

Due to the decisions humanity has taken in the past have to lead us to a place of global crisis.
Life is an understanding sequence of bifurcations. The Decisions in the life are very important. The understanding of Life holds for individual as well as for Community is the same.
` The world described in the 12th century was and felt was a world where love was not only possible but made sense and had a universal meaning. For the centuries there are always, two worlds representing the route we navigated, and the other the route which we still have to navigate. We and Nature, the observer and observed are separate entities. Science is the supreme Manifestation of reason, and reason is the supreme attribute of the human being.
A discipline where mathematics has become an end in itself instead of a tool, and where only that which can be measured is important, has generated models and interpretations that are theoretically attractive but totally divorced from reality. All of a sudden in the last century we found ourselves in the world of confusion; in a world where progress becomes so incomprehensible that we desperately seek refuge in a technology that offers us an escape into virtual realities.
We have never in all of our existence accumulated more knowledge than during the last 100 years. We are celebrating the apotheosis of reason, but in the midst of such a splendid celebration we suddenly have the feeling that something is missing. The result will be that we will know everything that van be known about love. But once we achieve that complete knowledge, we will sooner or later discover that we will never understand love unless we fall in love.
We have learnt that knowledge is not enough, and that we have to learn how to attain understanding in order to achieve the completeness of our being and the completeness of our science. We are, perhaps, beginning to realize that knowledge without understanding is hollow, and that understanding without knowledge is incomplete. ‘Knowledge is not the road that leads to understanding but understanding is the result of integration, while knowledge has been the result of detachment.’ Language influences our perceptions and hence shapes our actions. In the past there was nobody who was in hurry. After all they were constructing for eternity, and eternity in Timelessness. The language dominating the 19th century was basically that of the consolidation of the nation-state. It was only in the 20th century that the dominant language became that of economics, especially during the second half.
We have a tendency to perceive ourselves as members of a successful culture. However, the truth is that no matter how far we extend the concept of success, we are still incomplete beings, materially overdeveloped and spiritually poor.
We need a new language that opens the door of understanding; not a language that may emerge from the depth of our self-discovery as an inseparable part of a whole that is the cradle of the miracle of life.
“If we would seek comfort in the whole, we must learn to discover the whole in the smallest detail that which she intends as a whole.”

Girish Wagh
Product Design

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