Friday, August 1, 2008

History of Design:

Why we ask questions at different phase of our lives?Why we remember our birthday? Why we remember dates? Why we remember accidents? It’s because something on that came into existence. Someone was born. Something happened that day which changed the way we live and think. The events that occur today will be a history of tomorrow. Today’s decision will certainly leave an impact on what we do tomorrow or in the near by future. The path we selected today will certainly lead us to a new direction tomorrow. A Direction, with its own thinking, lifestyle and challenges . But what if I do something today that will alter my direction tomorrow with the previous thought. We choose to be in love today that may give us a love tomorrow. But if we choose to stay away from love today then it will certainly be opposite to the one before.
So what is responsible for, what we really are now? The fact behind this is our behavior. Our thinking that is based on logic. Selection of what is right and what is wrong. Comparison of good and bad. And it is not only the single factor called “Conscious Mind” that determines our behavior. There are the ideologies, social thinking, education system etc. that leads and moulds us to accept, what has been accepted as truth and requirements in the past, in the history.We see all around us a web that has been confined within a thinking. A thinking, that was developed by some and which was accepted by all as a path to achieve social, political and economic growth and appreciation. We define our destiny at a point with two or many directions and we choose what we think is best considering all what we have have experienced in the past. But when something strange happens or something happens which was not expected to be, then we always think of what we had as an alternate path.
The thinking and theories of Giovanni Bernardone (Francis of Assisi), Giovanni Francesco Pico Della Mirandola, GiordanoBruno which were swept aside and now have become a history itself, explain the importance of existence of love and its meaning, spiritual renovation of humanity, life on earth. On the other hand , what we accepted were the behavior based on fear for love, hatred against nature , becoming automatic machines and the science of measuring that which can’t be measured.
Science is what that has defined and shaped us today.The way we walk, live, talk everything we measure in terms of science called technology, lifestyle. But when we look on the other side or better to say to the other path of science which we have swept aside then we see the knowledge we have to gain related to our existence, spirituality, our identity. The feeling like imagining god inside and outside. Science can help us to provide the knowledge of observing the other aspects of physical world.

When we talk about the knowledge, then we are not talking of this physical world but we are talking about the knowledge that has been taught to us through books, the daily practice of our society. The society which is far from what is reality. The habbits and learning of today’s world is influenced by the navigated route where we compare our success with success of others.Where we compare achievements of ours with what has been achieved earlier, with the same path followed as they did.But what happens when we come to a point where we have to compare our same level of success and achievements with two other unfamiliar paths.That point is what we called as the point where Confusion comes into action.This is the point where we ask ourselves and start believing on the virtual world that the science can take us into.
We read in the books and listen from outside the story of our past, like the story of our evolution but little we come to know about the same. Its because whatever has been told to us or written is based on the knowledge and facts that we have explored over some years. We take help of the same science to explore our story which in turn is again based on same theories. When we try to figure out the real reason of being then we cannot find a suitable answer to the query. Its where now the knowledge of real world comes into play. We have books, the theories, the sociological data, psychological data etc but still something we find is still missing. Its sooner or later we realize is the knowledge of love for that, which we want to understand .Knowledge is like an island for us , to reach we require a medium and that medium is love. Once we have love and we learn to fall in love, we will have the basic need. So what important to us is not the knowledge but how to attain it is what more important to have. This love can also be termed as understanding.
So now we realize that knowledge without understanding can’t be achieved.This understanding also has a medium we call as Language.Its the language through which our perception and hence our actions get shape.Evry ear , every age has its language as per the needs and perception.The language of 19th century was the language of nation considerations like political speeches by leaders.The language of 20th century was what have become the important domination of history, the language of war.And now is the 21st century having a language of economy.Whatever we think, do and write is in the terms of economic language.But also what came along was a mis conception, carelessness, disaster aginst nature, ecosystem etc.These are the disastrous effects of language.
So now what we need to really think about is what the various languages in histry has left for us which is still untouched.Its time to turn back the pages and search for what we called as true reality.What all we have discovered can now be used in other forms.The mathematics , science which have been used as tools for our development can also be used to discover the true value of being here.

Animesh Shrivastava

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