Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Orange Juicer

Appliance: Orange juicer

Today, orange juicer is one of the most common forms of juicers found in every other Indian household. Citrus juice is easiest to extract even without the help of manual equipment. For example, lemon juice can be extracted just by squeezing it with fingers. But then, over the centuries technology has been improving every day and now, hundreds of different citrus juice extractors or simply, juicers are available in the market. Ranging from manual lemon squeezer to electrical orange juicers, orange juice is now so easy to extract with great efficiency of extracting juice out of up to 70 oranges in a minute.

Above: you can see the photo of the orange juicer toy we got from Suchitra as a start up to be looked more into this product

I have still not been able to find when exactly was a real orange extractor invented, but i have come across a patented design of an orange juicer dated 1944 in America (http://www.google.co.in/patents?id=GQ9kAAAAEBAJ&pg=PA1&dq=citrus+juicers+commercial&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=0_1#PPA2,M1)

It has details of the product, supplemented with drawings. It would be nice to have a look at it as it is a real bulky design as compared to the sleek designs of modern world, for example one designed by Philip Starck (can be seen in the photo below).

My next post would be about the information we gather at the Vessels Museum, Ahmedabad. I hope to get some information about a orange juice extractor there.

Following areas shall be looked into for our research:

  1. · Product function
  2. · Product history: invention and evolution of the product through ages
  3. · Product form in today’s kitchens
  4. · Fads
  5. · Designer products
For this assignment we’ll be following the methodologies mentioned below:
  1. · Data collection through web search
  2. · Data collection from books, journals, etc.
  3. · Vessel museum at Vishala, Ahmedabad
  4. · Interviewing the kitchen appliances shopkeepers
  5. · Interviewing orange juice vendors about their experience with the juicer.
  6. · Interviewing old grannies about their experience with orange extraction during earlier times.
  7. · Interviewing professional juice makers such as in restaurants, hotels, and other food outlets.
  8. · Photographic analysis of the various forms of the juicer.

Group members:

Gunveen Kaur

Manjari Chaudhary

Swetal Khaire

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Suchitra said...

Good start! Investigate the 'juice-wallah's' device.