Sunday, August 24, 2008

Microwave Oven

Appliance:- Microwave Oven.

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Animesh Shrivastava
Rohan Jadhav
Gopal K Pai
Darshan Patil

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"Microwave Oven " ,a new innovation in the field of cooking .In hindi what you call it as " TANDOOR".Its an appliances that can be found in most of the modern day kitchen.Another alternate that existed before was a "simple oven" that was either kept on LPG gas stove for heating ex Dal Batti oven and or one was an Electric one,which works on electricity ex cake oven.Microwave oven is a fast,reliable,power saving device that has a tendency to cook variety of cusines via different methods.One can use it for Boiling or Baking or Tandoor or cooking daily vegetable.

In my home I remember when microwave came my mother started using it more then the conventional LPG stove.The reason i asked her why? she told me its fast and better and its easy to use and helpful.She even uses it to boil milk.

When you go to some Desi Dhabba along side the high way you find there a big hollow struture made of mud or clay.They call it as Tandoor used for either preparing Tandoori Roti or Tandoori Chicken.So the name Tandoor itself has given birth to a special class of food.

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Animesh Shrivastava


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Suchitra said...

This is a start.
Try to identify the different stages of oven cooking. Get pictures of the different devices. There are cultures in which food is buried in the earth and cooked. Which are the 'traditional' variations? So look at the different sources of energy and see how the device changes - how is a dhaba tandoor differen from gas top device or from an electric one or one that uses microwaves. Does the shape change? Which are the most popular - for domestic use, mass production etc.

Look at Achaya's book on the history of Indian food - you might get some clues. Look at the bibliography of the book for more references.