Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the forgotten map

Initially the paper looked like some essay or story kind of thing by the illustrations it had but as I gone through it I remembered the dcc lectures by ranjan.

I think right from the beginning of mankind there have undergone the changes in his lifestyle and as the things progressed some landmark products as we discussed in the class, were made and those are still used without any change and some have always been developed over a period of time and as per requirement of function and form.

These products and their usage had developed a rich material culture and in a way the whole lifestyle. This can be said the other way round also.

But some points that are mentioned in the article were really convincing that there were a set of people who proposed the system of education but it did not emerged like that and it just remained as if the set of theories to be taught without finding its application and just finding the reasons. The education system emerged as of scientific only and not the experience and application based learning, and fundamental cause of education.

And that is what happens when we try to bind something like knowledge and its application in restricted fremes of textbooks.

This is the basic reason why this perception of hollowness wrapped with the dense brackets of bourgeoise!

But hello where is the extreme power of the world where is the grand design called NATURE and where is the spiritual entity on which everything runs and every single design has got the essence of intution at that point of time wheather analytically it may be right or wrong.

Then the article talks about love as an experience and just not as an discription but the understanding.

So, finally looking forward as designers we must, u know avoid these mistakes in the history.

amit chordiya

3rd sem pd (gdpd)

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