Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The forgotten map
It is all about the choices and decisions that we make. Life throws up a lot of problems and challenges. The way we tackle them depends on us. The decisions that we make have long standing implications….. Selecting a way also includes those ways that I refused to select. As to why I chose something that I chose is a question we all need to ask ourselves if we want the betterment of our lives and the others. Being at a particular place ,at a particular time might be a matter of chance but what we make of it is completely up to us.
The rules that hold good for an individual ,are true for a whole community or society as well. Every generation has its ups and downs. What we need to do at present ,is to sit back and analyze the decisions that were taken or the routes that were chosen by our fore fathers . Have they done us more harm than good? During the discussion ,when we were asked to name some events important to us as individuals or as community ,we more or less mentioned wars ,independence struggles or some kind of revolution. Another major thing for us is the industrial revolution and scientific and technological advances that have made our lives easier( have they really done so is something that we really need to think about). Somehow I feel that it has ended up in making our relatively simple lives complicated. It has caused an imbalance in nature where everything big or small has a role to play and still everything exists in perfect harmony and balance.
Man has been chasing after knowledge for centuries and has amassed great deals of it. But the question that needs to be asked us here whether have we acquired the understanding to integrate all that we know to good application. We cannot understand until we are a part of something or some experience. Understanding is a holistic view. We need to really delve in all kinds of aspects of a situation from materialistic to spiritual, from technological to natural ,if we want to bring ourselves out of the mess that we got ourselves into because of our pursuit of progress or evolution sans understanding and consideration.
We need to look at sustainability in all walks of life. We need a change in viewpoint. Because without it we will be ruining the lives of our generation and as well as that of the coming generations. We need to show the next generations that sustainability is the way of life if they want to improve this current scenario where there is of fragmented knowledge, distortion of realty and confusion in our priorities. It has been proved over time that sustainable development is the most effective form of development.
Devika Singh
Product design

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