Tuesday, September 16, 2008

mapping forgotten map…..

About forgotten map…..

The article is having a soul, which is trying to come out from the words and want to settle down in us.
The author succeed in pointing out that, how we, the human society got bifurcated in these evolution, revolution, whatever we call as development / modernization. He gave all the relevant examples of different philosophers, scientists and all the others who made us to follow their footprints.
One important thing I would like to mention is that the language of measurement / economy. In the whole life we tries to calculate our each n every minute, which is because an impression we are having beneath us, it is just because we have been nurtured like that, even in such spiritual things, we use to calculate like if I am worshiping some god, then subconsciously I think that, he should fulfill all my expectations.
Till today I was thinking that I am on the right track, but now i…I wont say that, I got the direction, but I’ll say that I am still confused, though I got some kind of inspiration, motto from this particular article.
I think this the time to think beyond…….no not beyond rather it’s the time to reveal the beneath. I would like to thank Suchitra, who gave us such an article.
In this particular article, one thing which pricked my soul is that, the author always called SHE, whenever he talked about earth and that is how he embossed that EARTH is also having a SOUL, which we ever neglected.

Snehal Pawar.
(Transportation & automobile design 08-09)

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