Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Forgotten map


The route that are created earlier makes other to follow, so the decisions made are taken on the decision made earlier which may be the path which is not suppose to be taken. At a precise moment in once life when a given situation occurs may effect on rest of his life. Now what holds for an individual’s holds for communities and whole societies as well.
Our so-called judeao-christian civilisation is result of this bifurcation it say the west would have been something else if not what it is now. The changes that Giovanni bernardone (francis of assisi) took in his life when he referred to the world about describing the world where love was not only possible but made sense and had a universal meaning. Whereas Machiavelli describe it has it is much safer then to be in loved. So where we live today is the world of Machiavelli from which we have constructed social, political and economic conceptions.
With the routes of Descartes we witness the triumph of mechanism and reduction. So every route that we consider has impact on next route we select.
Considering Newton and Galileo for them mathematics was the way to express, whereas for Goethe literature and arts so his scientific contribution are overshadowed by Newton’s and Galileo. Economics is also overshadowed by mathematics .The navigated path gets successes while the route not navigated stays in book.
There are lot of things to study but we lack practically because there is difference between saying and understanding. We only understand the things of which we become part .so looking at different perspective and to learn in order to achieve completeness of our being.
The way country put there dominating language it becomes that of economics as there writing mainly promote true development and overcome poverty.
Finally no matter how far succeed we are incomplete and this gives poverty that makes us realize our existence in world. So we have opportunity to analyse the truth and navigate the map as any path we take there will be hazards and successes. But that will give world an option to decide their route on map. And there can be rescue solution to come out of confusion.
Every route that we take on map should be taken in consideration with respect to all aspect which will make a shift in world. And looking the world with wide understanding.

Tejesh Goregaonkar

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