Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the forgotten map

The forgotten map introduces a completely new ,or probably old but neglected approach to understand science . It compels us to look back to our past and rethink if decisions we took then is the reason for the global crisis we are facing today . It suggests an alternative route for a new language that opens the door of undersatnding .
We have constructed our social ,political and economic conceptions on the basis of science which believed that 'nothing that cannot be measured is important'.they never trusted Giordano Bruno's belief that 'the earth is life and has a soul' . Everything is a manifestation of life .

Maybe if we would'nt have discarded his ideas and navigated the materialistic route shown by Newton and Galileo,we would have learned to respect nature instead of torturing her in order to extract from her what we believe is the truth .
Gothe believed that science is not just the accumulation of knowledge of physical world but it is an inner path of spiritual developement and its goal is to arouse the feeling of wonder through contemlative looking and seeing gos in nature and nature in god .
Inspite of the fact that the route we chose had its own fascinating and spectacular achivements and there is much to be admired ,but we are actually accumulating virtual knowledge without understanding .
Knowledge and understanding are two separate things . Knowledge is the information as in definitions and formulas . We can achive knowledge of everything we want while Understanding
is the result of integration and can only be experienced or felt. like we can know as many definitions of love as is given by different people but we can understand it only when we fall in love and actually experience the feeling. Knowledge and understanding are two inseparable aspects and are incomplete without each other .
Although we are proud of our succesful culture but actually we are incomplete beings. Materially overdeveloped and spiritually poor.
Exploiting both people and natural resourses,destruction of the ecosystem and biodiversity ,and extreme poverty is not the sign of a succesful culture .
Its high time now to we need to realize and act. To analyze all the hazards and sucesses , tragedies and glories of the route we adopted in our past . Perhaps this will be helpful to imagine and believe that the earth has a soul and that everything is a life .
We need to adopt a new approach to life ,which is based on understanding and not merely knowledge . May be this new approach could give us the satisfaction of having brought about a new centuary worth living in .


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