Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recalling The Route; the forgotten map

The path that were defined earlier makes other to follow, preaches us guides us. So the decisions made are taken on the decision made earlier, which clearly implies that this is not the only path. Our community, society, civilization also get affected by this kind of bifurcations. May be this was one those paths which is not suppose to be taken. At a particular moment in once life when a given situation occurs may effect on rest of his life. Now what matters a person matters a whole group a society. As we know our so-called Judeo-Christian civilization is result of this bifurcation, it would have been something else.

Francis at Assisi related his surrounding and all worlds as a family, Machiavelli on the other hand not only described world but also created a world. Similarly we did not navigate the route of Bruno, which says everything is life. So clearly as I think, there was one side, which had feeling, imagination, intuition, and emotions art, and there was other side as, mathematics, practicality, economy reality…basically a side to choose between philosophical belies and scientific applications and implementations. The direct and indirect impact is what we see as in how the world has turned out to be.

Last but not the least, the author states that there is a vast difference between knowledge and understanding and that we must experience to understand whereas knowledge is detached. Understanding is the membrane that connects knowledge into something more organized I’d rather say something more complete and solid.

Maybe the time has come when we need to reflect n rethink not only on what we have done and the path we have taken but also all that we have missed out on,to amalgamate the both and complete our world.
So lets recall the forgotten map........

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