Tuesday, September 16, 2008


There are always sequences of bifurcations about decisions, situations, and events in life. All such things have a decisive effect on the life. Our community, society, civilization also get affected by bifurcations. Bifurcations also tell us about what we are not.
There are some examples of decisive bifurcations. Always we find a conflict between two routes among which we choose one. Francis at assisi related his surrounding and all world as a family. Machiavelli not only described world but created a world. We followed machiavelli’s route and constructed our social political and economical conceptions. In same way we refused Giovanni’s thoughts that truths are multiple and we accepted Bacons invitation to torture nature for extracting truth. Similarly we did not navigate the route of Bruno which says everything is life.
For scientists nature was mathematics. They don’t relate science with spiritual things. Goethe stated that science has spiritual dimension that deals with feelings, imagination. We are still under influence of Galileo and Newton’s science.
The ways which are not followed are remembered by very few. Universities have chosen routes of Machiavelli, Bacon etc. and Francis, Picot, Bruno, Goethe are remained as footnotes.
Although we have achieved success by the routes which we have followed there are some negative lines to the success. Right now we are in a situation that we know a lot but understand very less. The success we achieved through navigation is the result of knowledge about reasons. Still understanding is a different from knowledge. Because of this people are getting aware about relation between science and spirituality. This realization leads to follow the forgotten path; but language shift is the major challenge in front of us.
Every generation faces certain challenges, events and crisis. Every generation having its own theme or language. The important thing as long as generation’s language is coherent with challenge, everything is fine. This language do influences our perceptions and hence our actions.
From past centuries we have witnessed language of teleological nature, consolidation which is coherent with historical challenges. In 20th century dominant language became economics. In starting, the time was of great depression. This is the result of crisis. The language shift occurs during fifties and sixties. The language was optimistic and happy. The language serves some of the goals successfully. Still in the last three decades of century global poverty has increased.
If we think about success, no matter how overdeveloped we are, but still incomplete because of poverty, anxieties. Now this is the time to analyze our navigation and then unearth the alternative map of the route. For this we have to explore all the routes which we have refused. At the same time we should give more emphasize on understanding.

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