Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The forgotten map

The Forgotten Map

Life in a big context has various dimensions. Life usually deals with two things one is the reality and other possibility. Every point of life one finds bifurcation. The path a person chooses is due to the circumstances that occurred at that particular time ,particular place or because a person appears in at that instance. People believe that” they are what they are”, but there is a possibility that they could have been something else if had chosen other path. In earlier centuries there had been great thinkers, philosophers, scientists each having there own ideology of what living, science, spirituality is. The thinkers had diversity in there ideology. Some believed life and science based on practical principles i.e. mathematics ,and some believed science and spirituality are interrelated. Again there was bifurcation. There was one side of coin which had feeling, imagination, intuition, art and there was other side as economy, mathematics, practicality. The world followed the the path of practicality ,could have chosen the other one with spirituality, feelings. The direct or indirect consequences of which are today’s world. The world with material richness, practical laws, virtual realities, depression, incompleteness, knowledge of subjects without understanding. The roots of which lies down in the coherence of language of each generation with its historical period. Language here is in much larger terms as it shapes the perceptions, beliefs of people.
Probably the time has come to rethink on the way we lived, perceived life and navigate the route we never considered. It will be a paradigm shift and a century filled with spiritual richness.

Mahesh Shinde
Transportation and Automobile Design

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